Eleanor Roosevelt on Hingham's Main Street

“The Most Beautiful Main Street”

Pictured: Main Street Circa 1901, Hingham Historical Society

In January of 1942, soon after the United States entered into the second World War, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt visited the small seaside town of Hingham, Massachusetts, to research her forthcoming book, “This is America.” After eating lunch at a restaurant on Stoddard Road, Mrs. Roosevelt took a tour of the town and was taken by the beauty of Hingham’s Main Street. With its elegant 18th- and 19th-century architecture and lush canopy of magnificent elm trees, this, the First Lady would later say, was “the most beautiful Main Street in America.” After returning to her husband’s side, where the stress of foreign conflict was ever-present, Mrs. Roosevelt would recount her stay in Hingham as the most restful day she could remember.

– Michael Achille, Hingham Historical Society

*Featured in Hingham Magazine, 2015 edition

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