For the Love of the Game

By the turn of the 20th century, baseball had long been established as America’s favorite summer pastime. In Hingham, it was just starting to take recognizable shape as formal uniforms and equipment were adopted. Teams began to form leagues in which games were played between local teams and those from neighboring towns. Here we have a W.B. Luce photo of the Hingham Baseball Club in 1900 wearing uniforms emblazoned with a decorative Hingham “H,” with the players’ rudimentary gear strewn about at their feet. One of the more notable members of the team was a young James H. Kimball, a student of Dartmouth College and the future proprietor of Kimball Lumber Co. on Summer Street. He sits third from the left in the front row. Also posing with the team are scorekeeper Jack Breen (first row on the left) and team manager Albert L. Stephenson (back row, second from the left) who also happened to be the town’s librarian.

Each summer, the Hingham Historical Society organizes an annual “Summer Classic” vintage baseball game, where the Coopers and the Derbys face off in true historical style, recalling a simpler time.

—Michael Achille, Hingham Historical Society

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