Meaningful Metal

For Hingham resident and fine jeweler Alexis Kletjian, jewelry is more than just an accessory.


Q: What inspires your collections and the pieces you create?

A: I am curious about the way we live today—our needs versus our wants, and how that plays into who we are as individuals. I am inspired by the notion that jewelry is your legacy. My collectors choose jewelry that blends seamlessly into their lives with what they have already invested in. 

Q: What are some of your favorite materials to work with?

A: Because I believe in the future of your heirlooms, I design with precious metals and fine gemstones.  I work with high-karat gold, antique diamonds and colored gemstones that are of exceptional quality or have characteristics as unique as the wearers themselves.

Star Bracelet_1Q: Do you have any favorite designs?

A: I have many. I would have to say my all-time favorite design is Oscar, the bangle.

Q: What types of custom pieces do you design?

A: I often curate and source vintage and antique jewelry to layer with the collections. I design each collection with flexibility so it can be interpreted to one’s taste through the inclusion of a different stone, hue of gold or platinum. One style that I’m recognized for is my one-of-a-kind signet rings. My 22 karat gold phenakite signet ring won second place in the gold category of the prestigious Indesign Jewelry Awards this May.

Q: What motivated you to launch the AK Legacy campaign?

A: I wanted to start a conversation about the fact that jewelry is more valuable than the sum of itsRetiarii_Gold parts. Jewelry tells our story and is an emotional connection to our souls. Collectors from all over the world send me their personal jewelry stories and what milestone or celebration they wish to commemorate next. With every milestone I reach through social media, I choose a story at random and award a $1,000 gift certificate toward adorning the winner’s legacy with my fine jewelry. We have had two winners already, and the next will be chosen soon!

The campaign has also inspired a new collection called Memorialize, set to launch next year.

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